Friday, March 26, 2010 is strumming my fate with their fingers. is finally singing my life with their song.

In the past, had me on their mailing list trying to entice me to buy tools. That's pretty good. Yup, right girl. They got me.

They also had me on their list to receiving their emails announcing the latest arrivals in high heeled girly shoes. If I can say one thing that's true about me, I am a no heel, flat sole kind of sister. Don't get me wrong, I admire the sisters that can make it up into or over to the pulpit, wearing "I'm going to tell you some good news, and you will be paying attention" kind of heels, without falling or even stumbling. I stand in awe of the preachers who can stand for ten or fifteen, and God bless the Evangelicals and Pentecostals, for thirty minutes, and preach in some high heels.

No, that's not me. And no thanks, Amazon. Unsubscribe.

But this morning, I got this in my inbox, " Build Your Bible Library."

Ooooooooo, click, oooooooo! Look at that what they've got! Ooooooo, click, click, click, NRSV, Study bible, 1928 Prayer Book! Oooooooo, where's my credit card???!!!

I just want to say, marketing can reach out and touch even this earth shoe clad, spirit filled sister.


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